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Satan, Part 2: His Schemes

by Andy Confer

  1. Some of Satan’s schemes.
  1. Hit-man on the move.

1. What would your response be if you knew a mob hit-man or an MS-13 hit-man was contracted to kill you and your family?

  1. You would get into some kind of “witness protection”, wouldn’t you?
  2. I know, I would.
  1. Well, we have a Hit-man coming after us every single day! Satan or the devil 
So, what is our “witness protection” plan?
  1. For one thing, I would like to know just how the hit-man intends to get me;

What are some of his schemes he plans on using against me?

  1. Secondly, what can I do exactly to protect myself and my family? Know my enemy, period!
  1. Some of his schemes and temptations.
  1. Lots of what he schemes against us are individually devised just for us; we all have different weaknesses and be-setting sins, and so he devises ways to exploit those in each of us. I’m not you, and you aren’t me. 
  1. And yet, I Cor. 10:13, says there is no temptation that we face that is not common to mankind, and thus we can find a way of escape.
  1. Find other disciples who have faced the same temptation or scheme and get advice. That is one way to escape temptation.
  1. Study and know his schemes.

a. He is the epitome of evil on steroids. He is the list of sins in the NT personified!

b. Nothing, he won’t do to cause us to lose our souls; he wants us to join him and his angels in hell! Matt. 25:41; that is his number one goal! Think about that for a while!

Just as the acts of the flesh/sinful nature are obvious (Gal. 5:19), so are many of Satan’s schemes or tactics to spiritually ruin humans.

3. Quite often he attacks us with cunning and subtly.

a. He is a sheep, rather, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Matt. 7:15-20; he is not mentioned here; false prophets or teachers are. Do we honestly believe that Satan has nothing to do with this, considering other scriptures about his tactics? II Cor. 11: 11-15.

In these vss. (II Cor 11), Paul points out he masquerades as an angel of light, even an apostle like Paul and Peter. His cohorts/demons masquerade as such too.

1.) And, they were false teachers as he was/ is.

2.) Beware of false teachers; falsehood can be very subtle, but very dangerous in the end.

Prayerfully, know your Bible! Remember who took the seed from the pathway(heart).

Matt. 13:18,19.

b. He is a tempter of marrieds and their sexual purity; and singles as well. I Cor. 7:1-5; 7:8,9. Be on your guard here! Be prayerful and open with someone.

c. He tempts us to be bitter and unforgiving towards those who sin against us or the church. II Cor. 2:5-11: Not forgiving and remaining bitter is one of his schemes; let us not be unaware of it!

1.) I believe not forgiving others is a bigger temptation than we may want to admit. See Matt. 18:21-35 and the unforgiving servant.

d. We can drift away from what we have heard and obeyed, Heb.2:1, because of persecution or hardship; challenges with pain and suffering, deep disappointments, etc. Heb. 10:32-35.

1.) He is a “roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” I Peter 5:8. Persecution, ridiculed, etc.

e. The temptation to love money; perhaps our greatest temptation in our materialistic culture.

1.) I Tim. 6:10—says it best, “for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many Griefs. Satan tempted Jesus with this. Matt. 4:8-10; will He exempted us?

f. Pride, in any number of ways. Rom. 12:8, Phil. 2:3-4.

g. I’m sure there are more schemes Satan would use, and you should study them out and apply them to yourself.

  1. What is our “witness protection” program?
  1. First of all, it is proactive! We go on the offense.

a. We put on the full armor of God. Eph. 6:10-20. We take the fight to Satan through Christ!

1.) We have three offensive weapons; prayer; and at times, fasting! Matt. 6:16-18.

James 1:1-7, we must pray for wisdom in how to face trials of many kinds and apply our faith in God to those trials. “Devote yourselves to prayer.” Col.4:2

2.) The sword of the Spirit, the word of God. Our armor has no defense for our back!

3.) Our feet “shod with the equipment of the gospel of peace,”; when we go w/ gospel and help convert someone we defeat Satan’s kingdom.

  1. We have to help one another.   Gal. 6:1,2. Whatever it takes!  We are family. Get advice.
  2. Know thyself!  Be open and honest about your weaknesses, and where he can exploit them.

Also, know your strengths that God can use to counterattack. I Tim. 4:16.

  1. “Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your strength, and your neighbor as yourself” Matt.   :    . When you love God first and foremost and your neighbor as yourself, it is impossible for Satan to take you out!
  1. Conclusion:
  1. Satan has schemes and temptations he uses against us as a hit-man.
  1. We need to know what they are by prayerfully picking them apart one by one

with our Lord’s help.

  1. And, we need to apply our own “witness protection” program against him with faith, openness, prayer, the Holy Spirit, the sword of the Spirit, relationships and putting Jesus first!
  2. Romans 8:31-39.   
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